About trim.

We’re a team
Us, you and your garden.
You and the lawn care professionals.
The lawn care professionals and us.
And the rest of all possible combinations.

In fewer words, we work as a team
with a clear crystal purpose:

trim exists so everyone can win.



Ensure our customers have a worry-free landscaping experience.

Hi! We’re Ben and Jake, and this is our story.

We became frustrated with our landscaping experience and needed to figure out a better solution. As you’ll likely agree, it isn’t sustainable to not know whether the landscaper will show up, having to pay in cash, not receiving invoices, etc.

We definitely agree, which is why we decided to change of all of that. We are a customer first landscaping company because we are customers. We focus on communication, professionalism and promptness and always ensure we provide the best service we can, all while having a smile on our face.

Offer lawn care profesionales a true platform for growth. For real.

Hey, it’s us, again.

We can relate to how difficult it is to scale a business. We also know how the larger platforms take advantage of their favorable negotiating position to squeeze pricing, making the conditions for optimal business growth less likely and more challenging.

This is one of the main reasons we created trim: to always respect our partners pricing schedules and maximize their service conditions.

If you’re really happy with trim, we know you’ll stay with us. After all, you’re the reason for our success.

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Working states

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Happy Experiences.

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